Breeding Little Ringed and Ringed Plover Survey 2007

This survey will be running over the breeding season from April through to July. Within the York Region, there are 24 tetrads to cover. 15 of the tetrads are targeting LRP (9 of these are core sites where breeding has been confirmed or suspected in the past) and 9 for Ringed Plover (one is a core site). Natural England have taken a number of these for the Lower Derwent Valley.

Tetrads will be searched for suitable breeding habitat and, where there is some, evidence of breeding sought (with care). Ringed Plover sites will be visited twice and LRP three times. It will be interesting to see which sites hold these species as they have specific habitat requirements and can move on from year to year. As usual, casual records are welcome via the BTO website (a supplementary records form can be downloaded) or BirdTrack and may well be very important for these species.