Lapwings in Plots (LiPs)

I know that a number of you will have put your names down for this survey, which was being run from BTO HQ. The BTO were unable to pair all volunteers with farms and many farms proved to be unsuitable because of the nature of the habitat or proximity to volunteers. It turned out that there were actually no plots covered in the York Region in the end.

Bird Atlas 2007-11

Having done my final BBS visit, my thoughts are now turning towards the forthcoming Bird Atlas. There are a few questions for me to think about to get the coverage needed but I am already taking names for people wishing to take part. There are two main methods: Timed Tetrad Visits and Roving Recorders. TTV needs a level of commitment but Roving Recorders can be done on a more casual basis, although I will be targetting these as well to cover all 10km squares. Data will also be collected from other surveys, such as the BBS, and from BirdTrack.

Have a look at the website for more information about methodology. Contact me if you wish to put your name down as a volunteer for the York Region.