Bird Atlas starts this week

Only four days to go before the 1st November when the Bird Atlas fieldwork starts. It's not too late to get involved.

I still need volunteers for Timed Tetrad Visits - especially in SE64, SE66, SE75 and SE76.

Anyone can join in with the Roving Records - in your garden, your local patch, or visiting new areas - to get those dots on the maps.

Send me an email or go to the Atlas website at to request a TTV.

BBS update

The Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) this year has been very successful in numbers of squares covered. I have so far received data from 27 squares; 18 via the BBS-Online system and 9 on paper forms. This equals the record number of squares from 2005. I am still awaiting returns from 5 squares and all the observers of these have told me that they have covered them so I am optimistic that we can beat the record.

This is a great achievement for a relatively small region.

I have also received data from coverage from last year, which brings the total for 2006 to 24 squares covered in the York Region.

Latest TTV Allocation Status

Allocation of TTVs for the Atlas is continuing. I am trying at his stage to get sufficient tetrads allocated for at least minimum coverage. Not all will be covered in the first year of course, but it means that the pieces will be in place to then expand coverage in subsequent years.

In a similar vein, I am giving all TTV volunteers a Roving Recorder form as well as to those interested only in this method. I will be able to assess how the species lists are building so I can target under-covered squares in the later years.

10km squares needing more volunteers are: SE53, SE56, SE57, SE64, SE65, SE66, SE73, SE75, SE76, SE77.