The Atlas has begun!

The Atlas fieldwork has now started. The Bird Atlas website now supports online data entry for TTVs and Roving Records. Note also the links to and from BirdTrack - you can register tetrads as sites on this system so your data can be used by both surveys.

Six of the 10-km squares now have at least 8 tetrads allocated for TTVs. Four are one tetrad short of minimum coverage and two need two tetrads. SE64, SE66 and SE76 are lagging behind though. Do you live in one of these, or do they contain your local patch? Perhaps you'd like to visit a new area? Please help to get coverage in these areas.

I am giving a talk about the Atlas after the York Ornithological Club's AGM on Tuesday evening, 6th November. The meeting starts at 7.30 p.m. and the venue is the Friends' Meeting House, Castlegate, York.

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