Atlas Update

Have you seen the latest news pages on the Bird Atlas website? Some really interesting information on progress of the project there. Over 5 million birds counted at the time of writing!

So far in the York Region first visits for 38 TTVs have been completed online, which is a great start after a month's fieldwork. Let's try to double that by the end of the year. Roving Records have come in for 12 of the 15 10-kn squares in the region too.

TTV allocation as it stands should give above minimum coverage in most of the 10-km squares. SE57 and SE73 need a couple of tetrads to meet this level. Tetrads are available still in other squares too so please volunteer. Perhaps you could take on another? If not this year, book one for next.

Remember that you only need to cover the tetrad for one pair of visits in winter and one pair in spring. This means the tetrad is fully covered for the TTV to get abundance data after one year.

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