Happy New Year - belatedly!

Happy New Year to all readers.

Bird Atlas
A great effort so far in the Region; almost 90 tetrads have been visited and recorded online. I expect the actual number will be higher as several surveyors will be returning data on paper and there may be some who intend to submit online but haven't entered their results yet.

Now we're in 2008, it's time to think about the second visits to these tetrads to complete the winter counts. I know some have already been done.

Please keep the Roving Records coming in too.

The Breeding Bird Survey will continue as normal during the Atlas period. Data from this will also be used to feed the Atlas.

I expect to be sorting out volunteers and paperwork for this survey during February. Let's try to beat last year's record coverage.

Breeding Plover Survey
Forms have now all been returned to the BTO for analysis from last year's survey. 20 sites were visited and 5 Little Ringed Plover pairs were found.

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