Bird Atlas - the second winter

The first Breeding Season has now ended and, like the first winter, volunteers put in a great effort to cover a large number of tetrads in the region. Many thanks for your hard work. Let's keep the momentum going!

Regional results from online returns show breeding season figures of 96 tetrads covered for the Timed Tetrad Visits; 79 of these twice. Last winter in the York Region we made timed visits to 106 tetrads, 101 of which had two visits. If you have results still to enter, please can you do so as soon as is possible for either season.

We are now less than a month away from the start of the second winter for the Bird Atlas.

If you did two vists to your tetrad(s) last winter, very many thanks, this is now complete. Perhaps you could take on a different tetrad this winter?
If yours is one of the 5 with only one visit, please try to get the second one done this winter.

The following 10km squares especially need more Timed Tetrad Visits to be done this winter take them to the minimum coverage:

SE53, SE57
SE64, SE67
SE73, SE75, SE76, SE77

Alternatively, why not make Roving Record visits to boost the species lists? The following squares have a list of less than 80 species from the first winter:

SE53, SE55, SE56, SE57
SE66, SE67
SE73, SE75, SE76

But records from anywhere within the region are most welcome.

In addition, each 10km square needs to be visited, using the Roving Record method, after dark to pick up nocturnal species. Can you let me know if you do one of these?

Validation functionality will be added to the Atlas website soon. This will allow me to see which species are missing from our results and so these can be targeted in the future.

Please request TTVs via the website or drop me an email.

Enjoy your Atlasing.

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