Bird Atlas Validation

I am pleased to say that the validation module of the Bird Atlas website is now live. This will allow me and a couple of other people (in York's case, local recorders) to validate your records. This is to ensure confidence in the Bird Atlas data.

Records can be queried for a number of reasons: e.g. the identification, the grid reference, the breeding code or unusual numbers. Sometimes this may be the result of a typo. The species may be unusal for the area or time of year - the Atlas guidance is to exlude records not accepted by local records committees (or BBRC, if relevant), but note that records will not be deleted.

If there is a query on the record, you will see a message on your home page once you have logged on. I have already had one of mine queried, from a different region.

Enjoy your Atlasing - there's still time for first winter visits in new tetrads.

Happy Christmas

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