Bird Atlas - Third Winter

The third winter season for the Atlas starts 1st November and ends 28th February 2010.

Having had a look at the numbers of records, tetrad coverage and species records, here are some of the priorities:

Roving Records

To boost numbers of species and records, please submit records from these 10km squares as a priority: SE53, SE56, SE64 and SE73. These also need attention as highlighted by the species richness indicators on the Atlas website: SE57, SE66, SE67 and SE75. Of course, records are welcome from anywhere but please consider visiting these areas.

Timed Tetrad Visits

We've done really well to achieve minimum coverage across the region already, and several tetrads are allocated for visits this (and the final) winter so there's more to come. My focus for this method is to even out the recording effort across the region as much as possible. So the following 10k squares are the priority order for new TTVs: SE77, SE75, SE53, SE76, SE67, SE56, SE66, SE64.

Please let me know if you want to take on a new tetrad or two. Remember that once a tetrad has been visited twice in a season, it is complete for that season. It is better to do the two in the same season if you can.

If you have only been able to visit a tetrad on one occasion in a previous winter, please try to complete it this time around with the second visit.

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