Winter Atlas - species targets

From the species point of view, many birds have been recorded in all 10km squares but some birds have not been recorded everywhere we might expect. I have listed the main gaps, although scarcer birds are needed in most places so I have not listed all these. Please hunt them out on Roving Records visits.

Wildfowl - pretty comprehensive in the Derwent Valley but look out for them everywhere. Notably, Greylags in SE56, SE67 and SE76; Canada Goose in SE73 and SE75; Teal in SE54.

Cormorant hasn't been recorded in SE67.
Buzzard not yet in SE66.
Coot not yet in SE56 or SE67.

Waders - some parts well covered, but look for them across the region.
Snipe needed in SE56 and SE67.
Woodcock needed in SE53, SE55 and SE56.
Herring Gull in SE57.

Owls - Short-eared and Long-eared in most places. Tawny Owl needed in SE53 and SE64. Little Owl in SE53.
Kingfisher in SE53, SE66, SE67 and SE76.
Green Woodpecker hasn't been recorded in SE54, SE56 or SE75.

Meadow Pipit needed in SE56 and SE67.
Grey Wagtail in SE56.
Blackcap & Chiffchaff have been recorded in 5 of the 10km squares only.

Marsh Tit needed in SE53, SE55 and SE73.
Willow Tit in SE55, SE56, SE67, SE73 and SE77.
Jay is missing from SE75.

Brambling from SE54 and SE77.
Siskin from SE73.
Linnet from SE56.
Redpoll from SE75.

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