Bird Atlas third breeding season

The third breeding season of the Bird Atlas has now started. The main areas of focus are to:
  1. Increase the breeding evidence where possible.

  2. Complete allocated tetrads.

  3. Fill gaps in species distribution through roving records.

Nationally the following are under-recorded so it would be great to get some searches done for these: owls of all species, Woodcock, Nightingale (not so likely here in York), Grasshopper Warbler, Spotted Crake, Nightjar and Water Rail. Evening Roving Records visits would greatly increase the chances of hearing or seeing some of these.

Within the York region, the following have a lesser level of breeding evidence than what we could get: wildfowl, gamebirds, raptors, waders, doves, owls, Swift, warblers, Treecreeper, Magpie and Jay, some finches, buntings. Certain species have confirmed breeding evidence gaps in the odd 10km square too; e.g. Woodpigeon is only a 'probably breeding' in SE76 and Moorhen in SE75. Please look out for evidence of carrying food, occupied nests, recently fledged or downy young for these, or indeed any species - you may be able to fill in a gap.

The Bird Atlas website has a wealth of information on the progess of coverage. You can see species lists and maximum breeding evidence or each square within the region by clicking the Any Square Summary button or going to

Please make every effort to complete tetrads allocated to you. Or, if you can take on a tetrad for TTV counts, please let me know.

It's great fun and you can learn a lot.

Good Atlasing.

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