Atlas gaps - Final Breeding Season

There's a new map that can be seen on the Bird Atlas website at:

This shows that SE53 and SE73 need Roving Records visits to boost the species lists as well as the number of confirmed breeding records.

The Atlas restarts April 1st.

Atlas Breeding Season - the 10km square view

Current view of the 10km squares: square - number of species so far - percentage of these not yet confirmed breeding.

SE53 - 81 - 49.4%
SE54 - 96 - 49.0%
SE55 - 94 - 43.6%
SE56 - 79 - 45.6%
SE57 - 93 - 54.8%
SE63 - 130 - 36.2%
SE64 - 112 - 44.6%
SE65 - 115 - 35.7%
SE66 - 93 - 49.5%
SE67 - 87 - 46.0%
SE73 - 95 - 47.4%
SE74 - 127 - 32.3%
SE75 - 91 - 48.4%
SE76 - 100 - 54.0%
SE77 - 108 - 53.7%

You will be able to see the latest figures as we go through the season on the 'My Local Gaps' tool on the website. Look for those confirmed breeding evidences such as recently fledged young, nest with eggs or chicks, faecal sac or food carrying. But care is need for the recently fledged code (FL) - see the note on the Atlas website:

Careful consideration should be given to the likely provenance of any fledged juvenile capable of significant geographical movement. Evidence of dependency on adults (e.g. feeding) is helpful. Be cautious, even if the record comes from suitable habitat.

Atlas Breeding Season starts on Friday

In the York region we are well covered for tetrad visits already although one focus for the atlas is to complete those that are still outstanding.

However, the key focus is to capture breeding evidence for most species across the region; it is especially important to get the confirmed breeding evidence. It is easier to say what has been covered rather than where the gaps are.

The following species have confirmed breeding in all of the 10km squares in the region: Moorhen, Woodpigeon, Swallow, House Martin, Pied Wagtail, Dunnock, Robin, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Rook, Carrion Crow, Starling, House Sparrow, Tree Sparrow.

And here's a list of species that are almost complete across the region: Mallard - needs evidence in SE53, SE66; Lapwing - SE53, SE73; Barn Owl - SE56, SE57; Wren - SE73; Coal Tit - SE56, SE64; Jackdaw - SE53, SE66; Chaffinch - SE77.

All other species need breeding evidence in at least three 10km squares.

There are some tools on the website that will also help you to target the species which are missing from the squares or need a higher level of evidence: see previous posting about 'My Local Gaps' and 'Priority Squares'. 'Any square summary' is also a useful resource.

Bird Atlas final breeding season

The focus for the final breeding season is to get confirmed breeding evidence for many species across the region. There are some useful tools on the Atlas website:

  • My Local Gaps will show you species that have been recorded but have not had breeding confirmed for each 10 km square.
  • Priority squares will show species that have been recorded in neighbouring 10 km squares but not the square in question.
Both will open on the square in which you live, but you can move around to other squares to check them out.

A quick check shows that squares in the north need work on a greater proportion of species than some others.

In addition to this, there are some TTVs that need their breeding season visits.

Have great fun atlasing, let's get those breeding records.