Atlas news - Turtle Dove range contraction

In today's Independent, there is an item on the range contraction of the Turtle Dove that is showing up from the analysis of the data in the Bird Atlas. This item is also published on that paper's website at Seeing some of the media pay attention to what BTO surveys are showing demonstrates to me the value of the work we do.

As a slight aside, I usually get an email prompt about BTO press releases but didn't recall this one and I haven't found it on the web site. However, I thought it may be of interest for supporters to know that press releases are published on the new website at It's interesting to see some of them taken up by the national media; for instance, I have heard about several of these on The Today Programme on Radio 4.

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Ian Traynor said...

I look forward, Rob, to the updates promised in your email of 11 May


Ian T