Mid winter comments

We're almost into 2013, so I thought I'd look briefly back to some surveys this year and forward too.

  • Winter Thrush Survey - we are at the mid-point of this survey's first winter and into the period for carrying out the core site visits. Hopefully the weather will improve to allow these to be carried out.
  • Breeding Bird Survey - this year was a record for the region with 36 squares covered. There are still results from a further two or three to come in too. I should be preparing for the new season's surveys in a few weeks time.
  • Waterways Breeding Bird Survey - results have come in from two of the regular four sites. I expect data from a third site.
  • Woodcock Survey - I expect that the region will have sites to cover for this new survey next year.
Many thanks for reading the blog during 2012. Happy New Year and good birding in 2013.

Winter thrush update

It's nearly time for carrying out the core site survey visits, these start on 27th December.

In the York Region, all core sites have been allocated out, so I am hoping for a good return. Let's hope the weather improves.

John Marchant at the BTO has prepared some videos to help observers use the website effectively. These can be found at this URL:
and also there's a link in the email that John has sent to observers in the last few days.

Merry Christmas and all success with the survey.