BirdTrack Homepage

Have you been to BirdTrack this week?

If you have, you will notice a new, redesigned homepage. Nick Moran, who runs Birdtrack at the BTO, says: "We believe that by increasing the relevance of BirdTrack to birders on a day-to-day basis we can greatly increase the quantity of high-quality data being collected."

The new BirdTrack Home page makes the records submitted the focus of the online application. An interactive map and graph tool are at the centre of the page, encouraging visitors to see what has been added and go on to submit their own records. A competitive/celebratory element has been introduced too, initially displaying the top 5 submitters of complete lists this month and the top 5 year-listers. Logged-in users will be able to see their own names/stats in these tables. There is also a real-time feed showing the total number of records submitted this month, the latest complete list submitted, and the most recent news stories.

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