Breeding season update

As we are half way through June and well into the season's surveys, here’s an update on what's happening with the BBS, WBBS and House Martin surveys in the region.

42 BBS squares and four WBBS sites have been allocated. Of these, data from the first visit have been returned through BBS-Online from 25 squares, with 16 having had their second visit recorded as well.
Second visits should be completed before the end of June and, ideally, data entered in the system by the end of August.

Of the 45 House Martin Survey squares in the region, 23 have had the first, recce visit, recorded in the system. These have found a total of 15 colonies. 
If you have done your recce visit, please can you enter the data on the system as it will help the BTO monitor progress?

The second visit (for counting the nests and birds) is due before 25th June, it is also an opportunity to find colonies missed earlier or newly established.

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