House Martin Nest Study 2016 launched today

Help is needed for the new House Martin Survey which is launched today. Called the House Martin Nest Study 2016, it is complementary to last year's survey which was based on random tetrads. It aims to investigate the timing of breeding and the number of broods raised. It is hoped to help find reasons behind differing population trends; declines in some areas, increases in others.
If you can observe a nest or group of nests for a few minutes a week throughout the breeding season (April to September), you can help. It's ok to miss the odd week for holidays. Observations can be made from ground level or from vantage points where nests can be safely viewed, there is no need to look in nests. Most visits will be to note the condition of the nest and any activity that is taking place.
You can pick your own study site and it is ideal for those who have nests on or near to your home, work place or anywhere you visit regularly. The first visit is due in the first half of April.
You find out more information on methodology and register your interest from today at

I hope that this will appeal to many people and there will be a good take up of the survey locally.

Breeding Waders of English Upland Farmland 2016

This year the BTO is running a survey of breeding waders in England. There are tetrads available in upland areas on "in-bye" land, which is the area of farmland just below moorland. As the York Region is basically a lowland area, there are no squares selected for this survey. However, there are squares available nearby in the North York Moors and the Pennines.

Have a look at the BTO website for what the survey entails and to register your interest.