York BTO Survey mid-June update

Here's a mid-June update of the BTO surveys in the York Region this survey season.
Out of 44 squares allocated in the Breeding Bird Survey, there have been data returned from 25 squares so far with 14 of these having had their second visit recorded online. There is still time to carry out the late visit and, if you were unable to do an early one, it is still worth a visit as the BTO can make use of the data even from just one. It would be great to see if we can match or beat the recent years' efforts when we have had coverage in the high 30's. Can we get to 40 squares in the region this year? That would be excellent.
The Waterways Breeding Bird Survey is now tied in with the main BBS in terms of systems and organisation. We have four sites for the WBBS in the region, three of these have had both early and late visits completed and the data have already been entered on the system, which is great news.
This year we see the second part of the House Martin survey, this one being the nest study elements. The survey continues throughout the season and volunteers are monitoring nesting activity from April/May through to September. In the region, 26 sites have been logged on the survey system, 21 of which have had data recorded from visits so far.
The annual Heronry Census covers four known heronries in the region, we have data input to the new system from two of these so far and another historic site was checked out earlier in the year to see if herons had re-colonised (they hadn't).

Very many thanks to all volunteer surveyors and supporters.