York Region BBS update - fabulous 40!

Brilliant news, we have just hit a high of 40 squares covered in the region for the first time. There is even a possibility of another to come. It's also great to have most of the data returned already.

Moreover, three WBBS sites are also complete for the year with one to go.

Many thanks to all volunteers for your efforts.

State of Nature Report 2016

You may have seen or heard on the news about the State of Nature 2016 report that was published yesterday (14th September). BTO monitoring schemes, including the BBS, contributed to this important work. So many thanks to all volunteers and supporters for your efforts. This shows how our results can be used to understanding the wider environment.

You can read more online and download the report: https://www.bto.org/research-data-services/publications/state-nature/2016/state-nature-report-2016.